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Keystone Ranch Testimonials

Keystone Ranch Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Steve Galster

Steve Galster

Fall 2014 - Sacramento CA

Big Bull Down! My hunt at Keystone Ranch was simply amazing! I am a raving fan! I recently had the pleasure of hunting with Chad on the ranch. He led me into perfect position to arrow the bull of a lifetime. My 350 class bull was screaming and bugling his way across a ravine on his way to catch up with the herd. Chad knows the land and the elk so well we got in front of the herd and the giant bull without being detected. The bull came into about 15 yards but got nervous and changed direction. Slowly he walked around us but ended up broadside at 42 yards. A single arrow and a double lung shot completed my dream hunt. As Chad and I approached the downed big bull there was zero shrinkage in fact he seemed to grow. A magnificent bull, a great hunt and memories of a lifetime. It was all made possible because the owners and guides are incredible people who worked hard to provide a great hunting experience. Obviously the key to a successful hunt like mine is to have all the ingredients to keep the game animals on the property. Abundant food & water supply and a safe bedding area. Keystone Ranch has all those ingredients and hence the elk herd is healthy and very large. I highly recommend booking a hunt with Keystone Ranch. I will be back! And oh by the way the accommodations are great too. Thanks Keystone Steve Galster

Chris Lamm

Chris Lamm

Elk 2014 - Redding

I just recently hunted the Keystone ranch for the 2014 Elk season. I am an avid archer and wanted to hunt central Oregon in a place where I would have the opportunity to harvest a good bull on video if possible. The Keystone ranch exceeded every expectation I could have ever dreamed of. I was not only impressed with Leonard & Chads simple and hospitable approach to running their year around ranch, but I was in ELK EVERY DAY! From sun-up, to sun-down, I was in elk. It was the most exciting hunt of my career and I will be going back to the Keystone ranch as much as I possibly can. We will be posting our hunting video to our website when we complete it @ http://ventureswest.tv .

Troy Smith

Troy Smith

My experiences on the Keystone Ranch in Prineville Oregon are only what dreams are made of. My first trip to Keystone Ranch I went with my wife and two sons. Leonard and Vicky gave us tours of the property by the way of four wheelers. During our tour of the property we watched herd’s of elk graze beautiful green meadows, while surrounded by tall timber, steep canyons, natural springs, ponds and creeks. This is some of the most breathtaking scenery I had ever seen. Keystone ranch had my heart pounding and excited for September to be here.

September finally arrived and I was off to Keystone Ranch. This was going to be my first time bow hunting. After visiting the ranch months before I knew I was going to be successful in getting a bull elk. After setting up camp Leonard and Chad Langley showed me where to go for my 1st morning hunt and what to do. Sure enough I was into elk within and hour of finding my spot. I followed them all day until night came without getting off a shot. I was in herds of elk ranging from 20-300 elk everyday. After four quick days I still hadn’t had that perfect opportunity to take a shot. I got to know the ranch fairly quickly due to following elk for miles.

The 5th day of my hunt I got in front of a 50 elk herd and at least 10 were bulls. I was finally in perfect position. The wind was in my favor, I was out of sight and positioned perfect for a full draw without distraction. I knew I had to take a shot at the first bull that opened itself up to me. The herd is now about 30 yards out and a 4-point bull turned to its side. My heart was pumping and my hands were shaking, it was my first shot with a bow. I released and it was a perfect hit. The bull ran about 100 yards and dropped. I was so excited I had to run and get Leonard.

The entire Langley family was so excited for after bringing out the quads and hauling out the bull elk. I enjoyed the trip so much I asked if I could return next hunting season and bring my youngest son Jordon.

I was excited to hunt on this amazing property with my son. I now know the property in and out. Now on my second trip at Keystone and again we were right in the middle of huge herds from dawn till dusk spotting many bulls and one pushing 400 inches. The second day of our hunt I stuck a 5x5. So for the rest of the trip I would be calling and spotting for my son. Jordon my son had many opportunities to bring down some monsters but he clean missed at 3 different 6-point bulls. He never did bring one down. This hunt was more exciting than we could have ever imagined. Again, the Langley’s asked if I would return the following year. I was unable to go that year so I asked if I could skip one season and then return and Leonard said yes.

There is not a day that passes that I don’t think and dream about Keystone Ranch. This is a true hunters paradise. I haven’t seen a hunting show yet that competes with Keystone Ranch. I think about waking up every morning to the sound of bugling bulls, to watching bulls fight within 40 yards wondering if I should run out of the way, to watching 500 elk line up in a single line while leaving the alfalfa fields. This ranch is truly amazing.

The next hunt finally arrived and I was on a mission to not shoot at anything smaller than a 6x6 bull. I had many opportunities to take shots at 5x5 bulls and passed them up waiting for that trophy elk. Many people will never see bulls the size of these 5x5’s in their lifetime, and here I am passing them up. I went home empty handed. The Langley’s once again invited me back to the ranch. I went home and practiced all year just waiting for September to come.

Once again I am going to Keystone Ranch. I am so excited to get another opportunity to get my 6x6 + bull. I was in perfect shape and my bow was dialed in. The fist 6 days went bye and the entire time I was passing up smaller bulls just waiting for the perfect opportunity for the perfect shot at the perfect bull. The bull I have been dreaming about for 30 years of hunting. On the 2nd to last day I got my opportunity.

I was on Chad’s bluff watching about 350 elk work up the hillside in my direction. So I walked along the cliff edge and down hill to get myself in perfect position. The wind was blowing right at me. A few bulls passed and then I saw the 6x6 bull I was waiting for. I sent out a cow call and he stopped broad side. I sent an arrow flying and it looked perfect. At the last second he jumped and I missed. I was absolutely sick to my stomach. I went back and told Chad and Leonard my story and they felt my pain. I then called my wife and told her the story. I felt horrible for missing the opportunity of a lifetime so I told my wife I was heading home in the morning, which would be one day early. She told me to stick it out and hunt one more day since I had waited all year long for this hunt. She was right I had one more opportunity to hunt even though 2 more hunters were coming in to hunt for a week.

I woke up early the next morning and headed up the mountain, across from the other hunters. The morning was still young the sun hasn’t even risen yet. I started bugle about every 400 yards on my hike. Just as the sun started rising I saw some movement about a ¼ mile away. I glassed them for about 30 minutes and watched them get closer and closer. There were two very large herds of elk. As the two herds ran into one another the two head bulls started to fight about 40 yards from were I was standing. I had multiple chances to take shots at bulls but I wanted one of the ones fighting. These were the two largest bulls I had seen the entire trip. As they were fighting I had many cows starting to get very close to me. The wind was blowing in my direction so they couldn’t smell me. The fight stopped and one of the bulls ran and stopped within 10 yards behind me. In the mean time I have four cows and two 5-point bulls looking at me 15 yards away. I could not move to turn around to see how close the big bull is from me. He is behind me bugling and thrashing a tree it sounds as if he is five feet away. After 30 seconds the cows and two bulls turned around and started walking back up the trail. I slowly turned on one knee in a full draw. Behind me there were two cows about 12 yards away looking right at me, and the bull was hidden behind a tree. It felt like I was in full draw forever. The cows slowly walked off and the big bull followed. I let the arrow fly it was a perfect shot. The bull was just 12 yards away. He ran 50 yards and fell over. In the mean time I had a herd of 300 elk surrounding me for 45 minutes. I just sat and watched until the herd fled. When they finally left I had ran to my elk that I had just shot. I was so excited that I jumped up and down with joy. It was a 6x6 bull. I cleaned him and walked to the truck. First thing I did was called my wife and told her that I just shot the bull of a lifetime. She was very excited.

I am truly thankful that I stuck it out and that I had the opportunity to hunt on such an amazing piece of ground called the Keystone Ranch. The Bull scored 343 6/8 with Pope & Young. I can’t wait to ask if I can come back to God’s country. Thanks Langley’s your ranch makes dreams come true!

Troy Smith

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